From glass tile and polished tile to marble tile, our tiles create floors and walls that attract attention with their look. The timeless quality of each of our tile options means that they’ll enhance the surrounding design, no matter what that design may be. And with an easy-to-maintain finish and unmatched durability, We can be sure that the floor or the wall is made of our tiles will keep attracting attention year after year.
ceramics picture of China
John’s art mosaics are works of art all by themselves,with intricate patterns and dynamic color schemes that reflect your personality.Our mosaics products are always changing and we’re not afraid to experiment with different materials,sizes and colors to create one-of-a-kind impressions.Suitable for any application,the series comes in popular sizes of 150mm x 300mm,300mm x 300mm,etc providing tremendous pattern options.
Mosaic patterns of China